Computer Vision with OpenCV & Python

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    Computer Vision with OpenCV & Python?

    This programme helps participants to learn and apply Computer Vision techniques using OpenCV and Python. You will be better equipped to solve challenging computer vision problems and will better understand the major role of the program in real-time operation which is very important in today’s systems. 

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    Interactive Online Sessions


    4 Day Programme

    Cloud Based Hands-On Exercises

    Course Information

    Curriculum based
    on Industrial Standards


    9am to 5pm

    Start Date

    25th February 2022

    Programme Cost

    $990 per pax

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    Training Model

    Interactive Live Online Sessions

    Cloud Based Hands-On Exercises

    Application Assessment Process

    1. Register on this page

    2. Screening based on commitment

    3. Consultants will contact you

    4. Top 15 finalists will be shortlisted

    5. Attend workshop & enhance your skills set!

    Eligibility & Prequisites


    1. Diploma/ BE / BTech / MTech (ECE, EEE, CSE) / MSc Electronics 
    2. Engineers working in Software Development or Fresh Graduates 


    1. Basic knowledge of Python
    2. Commitment to learn and develop skills 


    Working with Images in OpenCV/Python
    Reading, Writing, Examining Images and Video
    Image Manipulation and Enhancement

    Thresholding, edge finding, smoothing/blurring, use of masks

    Feature Detection
    Number Plate and QR Decoding
    Object Detection
    Face Detection
    Object Recognition using OpenCV Deep Learning Modules
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I receive a certification after completing a course?

    Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. Attendance is mandatory to complete the course.

    What are the chances of me getting placed after the course?

    A career coach will be assigned to you and will advise you or will work closely with you in assisting for placement with the company’s own clients. You will also get advice on resume writing and interview scenarios. 

    What is the duration of this programme?

    2 weeks.

    Can I apply if I am a foreigner in Singapore?

    Yes, this training program to open to all those who are residing in Singapore. (Conditions apply)

    Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

    The course including all sessions & materials will be delivered in English.

    Will I be getting any incentives during this program?

    This is only a training program.