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to transform your business

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Every business is unique

Each business has a plan to grow and accomplish it’s own vision, which takes the right set of people to make it happen.

From startups to multinational corporations, every business is unique. That’s why we discuss your company’s culture and objectives before finding the right employee that will enrich your team.

Broaden your talent search

Sometimes you are looking for a person to join your existing team. At other times you are setting up a whole new department to take your company to the next step. We can manage everything end-to-end from talent search, attracting them to join the team and finally getting them on board.

Our Domain Specialization

Our experienced team of consultants are specialized in offering niche placement services across different industry sectors and different geographical locations
  • Semiconductor & Electronics                                    
  • IT & Technology                                                                     
  • Manufacturing Engineering                                               
  • AI, ML & Automation                                                      
  • Corporate Functions

Our Approach

Client Briefing

Each assignment begins with a briefing from the client. The client provides a detailed job description and candidate profile. This meeting allows our consultants to fully understand the requirements as well as the client’s company culture, business environment, roadmap and any other relevant parameters before carrying out the search assignment.

Targeted Search

Uni Connect will then conduct a targeted search based on the criteria given by the client. This involves searching for resources from companies that best match the required role. We will utilise our existing database and personal network to source for the most suitable candidates.

Candidate Screening

Potential candidates are screened thoroughly on the required parameters. We also seek to understand his personal background and career aspirations. After we determine the candidates’ interest and suitability for the role, we will send the profile to our client.

Client Interview

After the client has shortlisted the candidate’s profile, a meeting is arranged between the client and the candidate. If the candidate is not found suitable, Uni Connect will inform the candidate promptly. If the candidate is considered a good fit we move to the next step.

Reference Check

Upon selection, Uni Connect can conduct a reference check on the selected candidate, if required. This will provide external views of the potential hire and his verified track record and/or credentials.

Negotiation and Offer

Our Consultants can act as an intermediary and provide help in critical negotiations with selected candidates. We will provide any help required to ensure that the transition is completed smoothly. This includes counselling with respect to relocation, any counter-offers as well as the candidate’s resignation requirements with the present employer.

Post-Search Support

After the search assignment is completed, should the client require Uni Connect’s support with respect to the selected candidate, our Consultants are always available.

Looking forward to hire a rockstar employee?