Design Services

Uni Connect now provides on-demand support for Analog and Mixed Signals Design Services, giving clients greater manpower flexibility in their long- and short-term projects. Situated in Bangalore, the team provides offshore support, delivering the best quality work at the most competitive rates.

IC Layout Design Services

The range of support services offered include:

Full chip design:

Custom full chip layout integration and verification (DRAM, Analog, Digital chip).

IC layout design:
  • Analog modules such as Opamps, Bandgaps, Charge pumps, LDOs, Biasgenerators, Regulators etc
  • High speed Analog (SERDES)
  • LC and Ring Osc (5GHz to 10GHz)
  • Power Management modules
  • Data Converters (ADCs, DACs)
  • Memory (DRAM / SRAM) from leaf cells to top level integration
  • Different IOs such as LVDS , MRAM, FSUSB, PHYs etc
  • Standard cells library development
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Design Team

Layout Design & Verification

Uni Connect’s team of experts in Analog and Mixed Signal layout designs can deliver timely and high quality work no matter how challenging the task.

Verification is integral to layout design, and the team can handle complicated layout verification problems in LVS, DRC, DFM, Extraction, ESD and latchup checks.

Tools Expertise

In addition to TCL programming for layout design automation, the team has expertise in industry standard tools:

  • Layout Editing
    • Cadence Virtuoso
    • Virtuoso XL
    • Slam layout editor
  • Verification & Extraction
    • Calibre
    • Hercules
    • Assura
    • Star RC-XT